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Rental of Luxury Holiday Homes

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Italy, Greece & Morocco

Insider Mallorca offer an exclusive selection of luxury holiday homes across the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands, with a focus on the beautiful island of Mallorca. With its ideal location, stunning beaches, fabulous weather, vibrant nightlife and sumptuous restaurants, Mallorca is a splendid destination for a perfect getaway.

Many people will automatically choose to stay in a hotel for their holidays, but there is an array of hidden benefits to renting a holiday home in Mallorca that offers a wide range of unique advantages and features that you won’t be able to find in a standard hotel.

Renting a holiday home in Mallorca gives you an opportunity to experience a truly unique and special holiday on the island, providing you with an unforgettable and unique experience of the Mallorcan lifestyle. Mallorca is an island full of passion and tradition, thanks to its people, climate, landscapes and gastronomy.

The villa in our collection range from 1 to 10 bedrooms and offer additional spaces such as living rooms, fully-equipped kitchens and outdoor areas including terraces and pools. They are equipped to the highest standards with a wealth of amenities and on request, a team of dedicated staff to cater to your specific and individual needs.

Advantages of renting your own Holiday Home

Villas in Mallorca offer a level of privacy that hotels just can’t match. Instead of living in just one room, in a villa you have the luxury of a whole home that you can make your own for the duration of your stay. Private villas allow you to relax as you wish, as you would do in the comfort of your own home with the benefits of a unrivalled Mediterranean location.

In a villa you can also enjoy a glorious space that you just don’t find in a hotel room. You and your family and friends can enjoy your own personal space and privacy, but are also able to enjoy precious moments with one another in fantastically spacious living rooms and outdoor spaces. In addition, villas can offer you all the comforts, benefits and luxuries of a hotel but with so much more freedom, such as a fully equipped kitchen, private swimming pool or outdoor grill.

A villa is the perfect place to stay with your family or a group of friends, where you can enjoy your holiday together and share unforgettable moments. They are also a great choice for celebrations, making them perfect for birthdays, corporate events and weddings in Mallorca. Families with children will relish the extra space and freedom offered by a villa, where children can enjoy the exciting experience of a ‘home away from home’, where they have their own space free from the restrictions of a hotel.

Furthermore, renting a holiday home from our carefully selected villa collection, will almost always have a swimming pool or garden or exclusive facilities such as a gym area, home cinema and spa – all which are for your own personal use! With a private pool there is no problems with crowding, where you have the opportunity to relax and swim in your own private tranquillity.

Offering so much flexibility, holiday villas in Mallorca can provide you with much better value than a hotel stay. If you choose to, you can spend some nights sampling the delicious local restaurants that Mallorca has to offer, and other nights at cook from your own private villa, surrounded by your friends and family. For a special treat, you can even request a meal prepared by our private chef!

A holiday home in Mallorca is often more economical when traveling with families or friends, giving you the added benefit of freedom and privacy. Here are just some of its incredible advantages:

  • More privacy
  • More value for money
  • Tailor-made services
  • Authentic lifestyle
  • A perfect choice for a family or group holiday
  • Your home away from home
The Farm Mansion
Upon Request
New Villa
Almond Valley Pollensa
Price Upon Request
New Villa
Villa Isabela
Upon Request € 3,929 /night
New Villa
Villa Serena
Upon Request € 2,679 /night
New Villa
Villa Vista
Upon Request € 7,143 /night
New Villa
Es Moli, Ibiza
Upon Request € 2,679 /night
New Villa
Casa Luis, Son Valls, Mallorca
from € 812 /night
New Villa
RL3, Deia, Mallorca
from € 1,215 /night
Sa Punta de S’Aguila, Banyalbufar Mallorca
from € 3,820 /night
hot stuff
Villa Provençals, Font de Sa Cala, Mallorca
from € 1,321 /night
New Villa
La Finca, Llucmayor, Mallorca
from € 2,500 /night
Mallorca Villa, Santanyi, Mallorca
from € 2,381 /night
hot stuff
The 3 Sisters Ses Salines
from € 2,570 /night
New Villa
Finca Es Moli
from € 915 /night
New Villa
Casa 30
from € 262 /night
New Villa
El Nido
from € 777 /night
New Villa
Villa Jondal
Upon Request € 2,679 /night
New Villa
La Villa
€ 1,272 /night
New Villa
Can Luna, Soller, Mallorca
from € 447 /night
Can Moio, Montuiri, Mallorca
from € 625 /night
New Villa
Villa Ocho, Arta, Mallorca
from € 820 /night
New Villa
Villa Siete, Arta, Mallorca
€ 770 /night
New Villa
Villa Cinco, Arta, Mallorca
from € 770 /night
New Villa
Villa Cuatro, Arta
€ 770 /night
New Villa
Puesta del Sol, Cala Llamp, Mallorca
from € 2,145 /night
New Villa
Casas de Consell, Mallorca
from € 171 /night
New Villa
Casa Ecocirer, Soller, Mallorca
from € 1,242 /night
New Villa
Casa Gardenia, Camp de Mar, Mallorca
from € 1,430 /night
New Villa
Finca Es Rafal, Alaro, Mallorca
from € 2,000 /night
New Villa
Villa Mar, Camp de Mar, Mallorca
from € 3,571 /night
New Villa
Villa del Sol
from € 844 /night
New Villa
Villa Dragonera, Port d’Andratx, Mallorca
Price Upon Request € 2,857 /night
hot stuff
Casa Roel, Cala Serena, Mallorca
Upon Request € 2,679 /night
Seaside Villa, Hvar, Croatia
from € 1,786 /night
hot stuff


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