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Rental of Luxury Seafront & Seaview Villas

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Italy, Greece & Morocco

Mallorca is home to a beautiful coastline, where many villas for rent offer some of the best sea views in the world. If you seek unrivalled and extraordinary panoramas, why not rent a seafront property in Mallorca and enjoy all the splendours that the Mediterranean Sea can bring.

With an excellent climate and beautiful beaches, Mallorca is an all-time favourite destination for beach holidays and there is no better way to enjoy the island’s beautiful coast than by renting a seafront villa. Our wide selection of villas covers all bases, from properties with sea views to villas with private access to the beach.

Almost everyone wants to be close to the sea during their summer holiday. The best way to do this is to rent a villa with a sea view, where you can wake up to a stunning blue sea view each morning or a splendid stroll along the beach. For some people, holidays mean relaxing, while for others it means having fun. In any case, a holiday by the sea, sand and sun will form the perfect recipe to make for a perfect holiday in Mallorca.

The Mediterranean Sea famously boasts the world’s most luxurious yachts, which will sail the sea right under your window. Evening star gazing is also an option, where the clear night time views and the calm sound of the waves will allow you to relax in your exclusive holiday rental, guaranteeing a stress-free and tranquil stay.

Features of our Seafront Villas

Villas close to the sea are ideal for those who want to vacation in popular tourist areas, where their nearby beaches are severely overcrowded. However, when renting a seafront villa close to the sea, you can choose when you want to go, whether it is an early morning swim in the sea with some sunbathing later.

At Insider Mallorca we offer a fantastic choice of private villas that boast incredible views of the sea. The experience of being relaxed at your holiday home while simply listening to the sound of the sea is truly unique and makes for an unforgettable holiday on the island. Some properties will also allow you to wake up in the morning and enjoy a splendid dip in the sea, situated just a few moments away.

In addition, our seafront properties in Mallorca are the ideal choice for families or groups of friends, providing the most unforgettable holiday in such an exceptional setting. Being close to the beach, means that an array of activities is at your disposal, such as watersports and a wonderful selection of beachside restaurants

Visitors to Mallorca can rent a seafront villa and enjoy a relaxing Mediterranean holiday in all its glory, with a wonderful selection of accommodation that will be sure to fit of your needs. There is certainly nothing better than to enjoy holidays in Mallorca at one of our seafront villas, surrounded by the fresh sea air and lush shades of blue.

Villa Isabela
Upon Request € 3,929 /night
New Villa
Villa Serena
Upon Request € 2,679 /night
New Villa
Villa Vista
Upon Request € 7,143 /night
New Villa
Es Moli, Ibiza
Upon Request € 2,679 /night
New Villa
Villa Provençals, Font de Sa Cala, Mallorca
from € 1,321 /night
New Villa
The 3 Sisters Ses Salines
from € 2,570 /night
New Villa
Villa Ocho, Arta, Mallorca
from € 820 /night
New Villa
Villa Siete, Arta, Mallorca
€ 770 /night
New Villa
Villa Cinco, Arta, Mallorca
from € 770 /night
New Villa
Villa Cuatro, Arta
€ 770 /night
New Villa
Puesta del Sol, Cala Llamp, Mallorca
from € 2,145 /night
New Villa
Casa Gardenia, Camp de Mar, Mallorca
from € 1,430 /night
New Villa
Villa Mar, Camp de Mar, Mallorca
from € 3,571 /night
New Villa
Villa del Sol
from € 844 /night
New Villa
Seaside Villa, Hvar, Croatia
from € 1,786 /night
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